December 10, 2015

Health Information Networking

Health Information Networking (HIN) equips students with knowledge that can be applied toward entry-level specialist careers in healthcare ICT and networking. The course aims to develop an in-depth understanding of the skills needed to specialize in healthcare network implementations.

The Health Information Networking course compliments the Cisco CCNA curriculum and is designed to help students develop specialized skills for working in the field of healthcare ICT and networking. The course equips students with the knowledge and skills needed to design, implement, monitor, and troubleshoot networks in healthcare environments.

Health Information Networking can be delivered as an extension to the CCNA courses, as an independent curriculum, or integrated into a broader course of study, such as technology or continuing education programs. The curriculum can be offered in an in-person or a blended distance learning (BDL) environment.


Certification is awarded by Cisco and is globally recognized.

What you’ll learn

  • Students gain practical experience while completing hands-on labs throughout the course, including procedural and troubleshooting labs and model building.
  • Cisco Packet Tracer skills integration challenges allow students to explore networking concepts and experiment with network behavior.
  • Course content familiarizes students with the protocols, safety procedures, and privacy considerations for working in a healthcare environment.
  • Built-in assessments provide immediate feedback to support the evaluation of acquired knowledge and skills.
  • Case studies provide healthcare networking scenarios to help students practice integrating security and design considerations into a medical group network.

Course structure

  • 1 Healthcare in the United States
    • Provide basic knowledge about healthcare in the United States
  • 2 Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
    • Help students prepare for a typical implementation of an electronic health records system; including adjusting the medical practice workflow
  • 3 Designing Healthcare Networks
    • Describe how information technology is used in healthcare
  • 4 Designing the Medical Group LAN
    • Describe the factors and processes that go into designing a network for a medical group
  • 5 Designing and Implementing WAN Services
    • Explain how to implement WAN services for a medical group and its branches
  • 6 Securing a Healthcare Information Network
    • Describe the unique requirements and solutions for protecting healthcare information and networks
  • 7 Supporting the Medical Group Network
    • Explain how to support, maintain, and troubleshoot a medical group network
  • 8 Putting It All Together
    • Reinforce the concepts learned in this course through a culminating activity

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