December 10, 2015

Get Connected

Get Connected introduces you to basic computer and Internet navigation skills


Certification is awarded by Cisco and is globally recognized.

What you’ll learn

Become certified in:

  • Identify different types of computer systems, components, printers, and other devices
  • Understand Microsoft Windows and how to work with files and folders
  • Understand computer networking, how to browse and search the Internet, and how to use email
  • Create accounts for Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • Identify common problems and implement simple solutions for hardware, software, and networks

Course structure

  • Introduction
  • Module 1 – First Station: Basic Computer Knowledge
  • Module 2 – Second Station: Directories and Files
  • Module 3 – Third Station: The Internet
  • Module 4 – Fourth Station: Exploring the Human Network
  • Module 5 – Fifth Station: Stay Connected!
  • End of Course
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